Pilates Infused Fascial Work

Certified as an Eric Franklin Low Back Fascia Trainer, I have developed a system for using fascia balls, foam rollers and yoga straps to help others help themselves. I will guide you through a do-it-yourself massage and stretch. Perfect for those who love to take ownership of their massage and self care. You will feel like you’ve had a massage, a stretch and a workout.

$75/ private lesson

Self Massage

Roll and release, aka “self massage” is a concept that I have developed for myself as a massage therapist. Most of us walk around with our shoulders up in our ears and our breathing tight and shallow. We also hunch over a lot. And while I can’t seem to answer the conundrum of why everyone seems to be struggling with this, I do have many techniques to intercept the progress of ever-present problem. 


I have combined my pilates training, massage therapy training, Thai bodywork training and little bit of Eric Franklin inspiration to create this awesome class. I am really excited to share this development of ideas and flow.


It feels a lot like a cross between a Thai massage and restorative yoga. This is not an exercise class, it’s more like a lay around on the floor class. 

Roll and Release

We will be rolling and using rollers. But we also will be using fascia balls and yoga straps for this adventure. Breath is an important part of this. If you just come for the cues about breathing, you’ll be a more relaxed person, even if you do nothing with the balls and roller. 



In traditional massage therapy, you are still and the therapists hands are moving. In this method, the objects (balls or rollers) are still or moving and you may be moving. It’s a massage where you do the work, in-between laying around and stretching. It’s a great concept, and it works. 

You may be asked to hold and breathe during a stretch or release. These may feel long, but they aren’t painful. It’s more like a sustained relax. And when you get done, you will be moving freely and ready to get doing the next thing. 

See the Video!

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