Thai Yoga Massage

A meditative massage done on the floor with therapist assisting in various stretches.

$110/90 minutes*

*Prices reflect payment at time of service. Insurance rates available upon request.

The first thing people notice about Thai massage is that the client is fully clothed for the treatment. They are often wearing loosely fitting sweatpants and a T-shirt. Thai bodywork is mostly performed on the floor with a mat, although some techniques can be done on the table as well. Thai massage therapists do use their hands, but it is often in doing compressions, rather than the traditional gliding strokes of a table massage. You will also see them using their knees, feet, bodyweight in leaning postures in order to achieve the work. The compressions are often followed by stretching. Rather than feeling sleepy after the massage, you may actually feel energized or more mindful of yourself and surroundings. 

Thai massage takes time. A typical session is 90 minutes. You don’t want to rush through this. It is meant to be experienced with breath, intention and mindfulness. The Thai treatment is not just working muscles, it’s working on the entire nervous, fascia, and even skeletal system. Your mind should be at peace, your body should feel rested and rejuvenated. This is isn’t just a massage, although that is a big part of it. Healing takes time, and Thai massage can be part of it.

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